Lc Ventures2 Mermaid Bucket Bag From K-fashion That Makes You Lovely And Attractive!

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Product Description



LC Ventures Co., Ltd. is a company aiming for sustainable value and manufactures it using "Vegan leather" that protects the environment even in brand LOVE CHARM.

"Love" and "charm" are based on the sensual image of "Love" and "Charm"
We are launching a contemporary collection that gives you unique fun and lovely charm.
It gives a narrative with a timeless and sensuous design that can satisfy women's dreams and daily lives at the same time.




Inspired by the wrinkles of the mermaid, this bucket bag is based on a feminine atmosphere. The luxurious light tone color and bold pearl strap create a sensuous atmosphere.


The removable high-quality pearl decoration is finished with metal cap decoration, and the detailed quality is noticeable even in detail. The luxurious color and subtle luster of the material show a light and sensuous style. The spacious storage space and the inner pocket inside the bag can be used separately, and the bottom of the bag is made into a shape, so the space utilization is high. There are two types of straps: pearl handle and cross strap, which can be customized in a variety of styles.




Packaging & Shipping

 Each Piece of product will be packed in a small box.


1 box individually packed per product.


Company Information


LC Ventures Co., Ltd. is a fashion venture company aiming for a sustainable lifestyle.

Create the best products and value as a leading lifestyle culture company.

We will take the lead in global environmental issues and create a better world.

Through products and content that go beyond the limits of fashion, we continue to explore and challenge value.

Proceed to Global Leading Company. It helps improve the global environment by solving social problems with sustainable values. Deliver valuable consumption experience to your customers.

As an enterprise that recognizes the same value, we take a flexible organizational structure that respects each other, pursue communication methods that communicate freely, and place importance on business efficiency.




Contact Details

Person in charge : Ms. Jamie Bae
Phone number : 82-70-4771-5877




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